Guide to Texting Girls

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”I took a dating course about 3 months ago which went over text game. It was a complete wast of time and I didn't really get anything out of it. This guide [The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls] broke everything down in a very easy to understand way. In a matter of two hours, this guide did more than my 3 day dating course."
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How to Text a Girl: Simple Tips for a Speedy Response


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Without a doubt, most of the single guys out there are curious about the different tips that they should know about how to text a girl. Thanks to the different innovations in the field of mobile phone technology, it has now become so much easier to communicate with the girl you like. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind in order to ensure that you will not only get a so-so reply.

Go through the following tips and techniques and learn how to text a girl. With enough luck, you should not only be able to get her attention, but you should also be able to come off as interesting enough for her to want to text you back and see you again.

One of the main things that you have to look into in order to learn how to text a girl are the different areas of interest that the two of you have in common. Although you can simply text a girl out of the blue, talking about something that does not interest her one bit will not work.


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For you to be able to learn how to text a girl you have to exert the necessary amount of effort that will allow you to get to know her better first. If you belong in the same group of friends or if you are both members of a certain organization, then this step should be easy. Never text a girl if you are not sure that you can come up with interesting text message content. That’s why I’m gonna give you over 160 proven texts that will work for any girl in any situation for sparking attraction and getting a date fast.

When perfecting the arts of how to text a girl keep in mind the time of day that the girl who you like is most likely to be free to text you back. For most people, this is usually the short length of time after dinner and before bedtime. It is usually during this time that girls tend to unwind, and when she will most likely have time to reply to your message.

Finally, you have to see to it that your message will make sense. In the process of learning how to text a girl, you have to learn how to interest her enough to talk to you, via text messages and personally. Your message does not have to be anything super important. It can even be you just wanting to say Hello! Just make sure that, when you learn how to text a girl, you also learn how to send your message clearly, concisely, and cleverly, while of course maintaining the natural conversational tone that you use in real life.


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