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Texting Girls - 160 Texts To Get a Date Fast!

My name is Matt Artisan, Voted Best Text Game in the World. I've made it my personal mission to figure out the secrets to texting girls.

I have a confession to make.....I used to suck at texting!

I spent over 2 years tracking all the texts that I sent and figured out which ones worked and which ones did not.

I figured out how to text a girl to get her on a date in as little as 5 texts!

I realized that texting girls could be super easy if you new the secret formula.

So, I compiled all my results, and came up with over 160 of the best, most effective messages for texting girls and getting them aroused and read for a "hot" date!

I even figured out how to turn old numbers into sex partners! And I will show you how I did it.

For girls, attraction is based on emotion and how you make them feel. All you have to do is send her the right texts, create the right emotions, and BAM, she will want to see you (and a whole lot more!).

"But what if I already screwed things up and she's not responding anymore?" There's an entire chapter dedicated to "damage control" and recovering from your mistakes.


Artisan was Voted "Best Texting Game" in the World at the PUA World Summit

Texting Girls Award PUA World Summit


This proven texting girls system will show you what to text a girl to build a strong emotional connection fast!


Text Girls to get them CHASING YOU!

Most guys pursue girls to the point that they run away. What would it be like if you could have multiple girls pursuing you instead? You'll learn how to "flip the frame" of the traditional "man chases girl" courting frame and be the SELECTOR! By sending high value texts that qualify girls to meet your standards, you will literally have girls begging to be with you.

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"This guide rocks! It's simple and too the point and the texts really work. I got a date the same night I started using them. "
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-Jordan H.

I'm not even going to give you a big sales pitch.

In fact, I'm gonna keep this super short and to the point.

You need this guide.

There I said it.

It's true. If you want awesome results with women, then just get the guide.

I made it super cheap so anyone can afford it.

And you have 60 days to get your money back if you don't like it.

But, I promise're going to love it....if you use the texts in the guide!

Have an arsinal of fool-proof texts to send girls!

What to Text a Girl Example


So what will you learn about texting girls?

- What to text girls the same night you meet to get them over THAT night

- How to text girls to build instant sexual attraction

- What to do about non responsive girls and what to text to get those girls to respond

- How to get a date with girls without even calling

- What to text girls to stand out from all other guys

- How to use texting to create deep rapport

- What to text a number that's gone "cold" (not responding)

- Funny and original texts that will make you seem super fun and AWESOME

- How to go from texting a girl to a first date in minutes

- When and how often you should be texting girls you like

- What to text a girl to keep her from flaking on you

- What to do if a girl doesn't text back immediately

- How to respond to negative texts from girls

- How to get girls to start CHASING YOU


The Ultimate Guide to Textin Girls System includes:

32 chapters AND over 160 proven text messages

"Text Game Mastery" course to learn how to text a girl into bed

Audio 1: Basic Principles and Texting Girls Mindset
Audio 2: What to Text a Girl to Build Attraction and Comfort
Audio 3: Best First Text Openers
Audio 4: Teasing Girls Texts
Audio 5: Getting Girls to Chase You, Asking Her Out and Sexual Escalation
Audio 6: Damage Control Texts and Bonuses

1) Top 10 Best Responses to Common Questions Girls Text AND Top 10 Ways to Reinitiate Communication for Numbers that have Gone Cold
2) 1 Full Hour of Live Phone Coaching
3) The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests
4) "Calling a Girl" 7 Day E-Course
5) Monthly Cutting Edge Dating and Texting Strategies Delivered Straight to You

Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls

What else will you get?

You'll get everything you'll ever need to know including:

- Basic principles of texting

- How to build strong attraction just by texting

- Common mistakes to avoid

- Texting to build rapport

- When and how often to text girls

- The top 10 best first texts

- What to text a girl the very same night you meet her so she'll come over that night

- What to text a girl to show you are a real man

- How to demonstrate your playful side through text

- How to use texting to get girls to chase you immediately

- How to go from texting girls to an actual phone call

- What to text a girl to get her to meet you in person

- How to bring out a girl's sexual side via text

- How to answer a girls question such as "who's this?"

- What to text a girl to reestablish a connection if you haven't talked to her in months



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Bonus #4: "Calling a Girl" 7 Day E-Course ($39 value)

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Over 200 Texts 2 Make Women Want U

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That's 200 More Text Messages to Spark Attraction and Get Her Straight Over to Your House!

Artisan and Hydro, combined forces to give you proven text after proven text of mind blowing, cutting edge text messages! They cut out all the BS to give you the best of the best. This is the ultimate arsenal of text messaging!

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texting guarantee

Risk Free 100% Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

In the next 60 days, if you aren't 100% satisfied with The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, then you can get your $9 back AND keep The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls and ALL amazing bonuses as my gift to you!

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The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those
under 18 years old

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